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IMO Requirements on Carriage of Publications On Board Ship

31 08 2012

The purpose of this post is a reminder of MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2. , guidance for the performing of the ISM Code certification of IMO requirements on carriage of publications.

IMO instruments such as the SOLAS, MARPOL,LL,COLREG and STCW Conventions deal with many operational aspects,inter alia, navigational responsibilities, safety-related training/drills on board, safe cargo handling, oil spill prevention, collision avoidance activities and watchkeeping standards.Therefore, these publications, although not expressly required by IMO instruments, should be carried on board in order to improve the crew’s knowledge and to enhance the implementation of IMO instruments. No deficiency should be filed by  PSCOs against ships not carrying such publications on board.  However, a nonconformity should be filed by ISM auditors against ships not carrying such publications in accordance with National requirements and the ship’s Safety Management System (SMS).

The publications may be carried in the form of electronic media such as CD-ROM in lieu of hard copies. Acceptable publications in electronic form should be those issued by IMO or an Administration or a body authorized by an Administration to ensure correctness of their contents and to safeguard against illegal copying.A medium could either contain a publication or as many publications as possible. In any case, the media should be treated in accordance with the document control procedures in the shipís SMS including procedures for timely update.

Notwithstanding paragraph above, the publications for emergency use, such as the International Code of Signals and the IAMSAR Manual should always be available in the form of hard copies, bearing in mind that such publications need to be readily available for use in case of emergency without being restricted to a specific place and by the availability of a computer.

In Appendix of MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2 a tabulated list of those Publications required to be carried on board ships is available.